DREAMbuilders Youth Mentoring Network

DREAMbuilders Youth Mentoring Network (DREAMbuilders) is a San Diego-based community youth leadership and mentoring organization focused on educating, equipping, and empowering youth and young adults (ages 13 to 26) to become strong, focused, and determined individuals ready and staged to realize their life dreams and goals. DREAMbuilders strives to inspire youth and young adults to “drive their life to its highest destinations.”


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Start your driven 2 win journey today: 1,000 black youth (ages 13 to 18)

Read. Lead. Earn Money With Friends.

D2W Student Success Seminar


DREAMbuilders is focused on three priorities:
1) Student Leadership
2) Reading Literacy
3) Financial Literacy

HELP DREAMbuilders get 10,000 Driven 2 Win books in the hands of middle and high school students in our 10 United States city partners.

We are a leadership and mentoring organization

Our Programs

Driven 2 Win

D2W Youth leaders create their own 6-member D2W Youth Leadership Team and work with career and business adult mentors as they complete the D2W program. Youth receive Certificate of Completions for their leadership program accomplishments and then advance to become D2W program facilitators.

Power Up Your Vision

This program is a comprehensive (12-week, 60-instructional hour training and mentoring program) career and business research and internship program with an entrepreneurial demonstration project. Workshops are designed to introduce students to careers and the world of business.


This program provides a comprehensive, ongoing artistic skill development and creative arts performance program. Youth learn and participate in the arts (drama and singing), media (journalism and communication) as well as technology (graphic design, videography, and sound engineering).

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Through effective leadership, life skill enrichment, and mentoring programs, practical life principals and concepts are taught. For DREAMbuilders, the driving analogy is the cornerstone of their mentoring philosophy because it drives home more than a concept, a program, or an interesting perspective. It is essentially a life management system that can be studied and replicated to create and manage personal success in the lives of youth and young adults. We are a youth and young adult leadership and mentoring organization