Our History

Our organization began in 2005 with our primary focus of installing our youth leadership program in middle and high schools, community youth programs, and faith-based organizations in North County and San Diego County communities. From this success path, our first program was launched called Driven 2 Win: Personal Development & Youth Leadership System.

As a newly-established organization, it was challenging to navigate the terrain of how best to build our core strengths into the youth educational systems already established. Much learning took place in these elementary years for our organization.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish an international youth leadership and mentoring organization to inspire young people to pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement effective enrichment programs and create strategic alliances to “educate, equip, and empower”
(ages 13 to 21) to prepare for personal, academic, social, career, and entrepreneurial success.

Ramona S. Jones

Founder & President

“Every youth has a DREAM and a PURPOSE. Every youth desires to UNLOCK the DREAMS of their lives and experience PERSONAL SATISFACTION.”

Now, we have regained our place on our own performance road with vigor and dedication.

It is our intention to “be the spark” that inspires young adults to unlock their potential and start the engines to pave the roads toward personal, educational, and career success.  Every youth desires to unlock the dreams of their lives and experience personal satisfaction.

“Together We Support Our Youth Moving Forward”