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“I am Driven 2 Win; I am D2W” is the winning mindset that will help young people jump into the driver’s seat and take ownership of their lives to create a bright, successful future. In Are YOU Driven 2 Win? A Roadmap for Young People to Succeed in Life Ramona S. Jones uses driving as an analogy to share 20 powerful lessons and four D2W Life Management tools (Tool 1: Character-Building, Tool 2: Goal-Setting, Tool 3: Decision-Making, and Tool 4: Problem-Solving/Evaluation) to help young people plan and navigate life as they mature and qualify for life’s greatest rewards. At what age will young people be exposed to these principles? When I share the D2W Life Management system with people in their twenties or thirties, they ask where I was when they were young. They still need this information. Let’s inspire young people to be D2W and win in life now.



RAMONA S. JONES is an inspirational speaker and the Founder and President of DREAMbuilders Youth Mentoring Network (DREAMbuilders), a member-based youth leadership and mentoring organization headquartered in San Diego, California. With the mission to inspire young people ages 12 – 21 to pursue and accomplish their dreams and goals, DREAMbuilders implements effective enrichment programs to educate, equip, and empower them to prepare for personal, academic, social, career, and entrepreneurial success. Ramona holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management. “I believe young people need to commit to personal development as they discover their strengths and gifts to unleash their passion and live their fullest life. This is the path for promotion and achievement. Every youth has a dream and a purpose. Every youth desires to unlock their dreams and experience personal satisfaction. As they discover who they are, develop a guiding vision, and do the hard work, they will uncover their greatness.”


“Are You Driven to Win?” A Roadmap for Young People to Succeed in Life

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