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In the Driven 2 Win Personal Development and Youth & Young Adult Leadership Program (D2W), youth ages 13 to 26 complete a 20-lesson/20-hour program focused on introducing four essential life management tools:

1) Character-Building,

2) Goal-Setting,

3) Decision-Making,

4) Problem-Solving/Evaluation.

In the D2W program, students construct a personal performance plan called the D2W Steering Wheel Action Plan. This plan is a specific, detailed 3-month action plan to accomplish personal, academic, social, and career/entrepreneurial developmental goals.

There are six distinct goal categories which are:

1) Personal Development,

2) Education,

3) Healthy Relationships,

4) Health, Nutrition, and Fitness,

5) Financial Education/Responsibility

6) Community Involvement.

D2W Youth leaders create their own 6-member D2W Youth Leadership Team and work with career and business adult mentors as they complete the D2W program. Youth receive Certificate of Completions for their leadership program accomplishments and then advance to become D2W program facilitators and/or D2W Team Leaders.

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“Anywhere there are youth, there is a DREAM to BUILD.” –
Founder & President- Ramona S. Jones